Monday, March 14, 2011

Tim Lincecum, profiled in the New York Times Magazine, owns.

Tim Lincecum, far right, looks at a ladybutt in May 1976
I am the first person ever to suggest that the Tim Lincecum looks like Wiley Wiggins, right? This is new ground and I am the vanguard, right?  WILEY WIGGINS AMIRITE? Anyway, great stuff here:

Lincecum’s father, Chris, who shares his youngest son’s unprepossessing build, was sitting at the dining table with Lincecum’s agent. In front of them was a box of baseballs awaiting Lincecum’s autograph and a stack of the latest issue of GQ, “The 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time.” Lincecum was among them, along with another pitcher, the famously ferocious Bob Gibson, who retired nine years before Lincecum was born. “Was Bob Gibson cool?” he asked innocently. “Or was he just a . . .” — and here Lincecum used a colloquialism that’s synonymous with a part of the male anatomy that is unprintable in this magazine.
I bet he said nutsack. 

lol "nutsack"



  1. yeah, if ever there was a guy to test my switching of allegiances from the giants to the nats, it's this guy. take him over strasburg any day.

  2. yes, he is a guy we will be telling stories about like minor ken burnses in the decades to come

    also that mustache